Social commitment

Feuerherdt GmbH actively supports the following projects:



Not every person can enjoy his or her daily bread – although food is generally available in abundance. The goal of Berliner Tafel (Berlin Table) is to provide to the needy food that is in satisfactory condition but that can no longer be used in the commercial chain.

Die Arche - Christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerk e.V. Berlin

“We pick up children from street.” Far more than half a million Berliners live under the poverty limit – and one in every five of these is below the age of fifteen. Die Arche (the Ark), which helps needy children and youth, fights against child poverty in Germany. Its goal is to take children in off the streets, to offer suitable leisure activities, to compensate for social deficits, and to place children back at the centre of society.

Patenschaften für Kinder psychisch erkrankter Eltern, AMSOC e.V.
Children need reliable relationships and support. Children whose parents suffer from severe periodic psychic disease often lack both of these. In addition, many of them take care of their sick parents. This serious stress places them in danger of becoming psychically ill themselves. The children’s charity for young people with psychically ill parents, the Berliner Jugendhilfeträger AMSOC e.V., tries to prevent this by providing temporary foster parents to these children. These mentor parents care for their foster children regularly and over the long term. They undertake something with them every week, allow them to take part in their everyday activities, and put them up in their homes in emergencies, until ill parents can once again cope. Specialists at AMSOC e.V. carefully select the foster parents and prepare them in mentor training to take over their responsible honorary work.

 rheuma liga internet

Deutsche Rheuma-Liga Berlin e.V.
The German Rheumatism League Rheuma-Liga Berlin e.V., founded in 1975 by physicians and patients, is the largest Berlin aid and self-help association in the health sector. It is a non-profit and democratic self-help association. Its goal is to provide specialist support to victims with chronic rheumatic disease, to support them in their everyday life, and to provide ongoing aid. This takes place in therapy, in consulting and in the Self-Aid Centre of the association, and in the borough Rheumatism League meeting points, in around 90 self-help groups, in a neighbourhood-oriented and highly diverse programme of courses, and by many additional offerings.