Made in Berlin

„Made in Berlin – Made in Germany“


Feuerherdt GmbH is a company with headquarters and production plant in Berlin. The company was founded in the west part of the city, West Berlin, before the Berlin Wall fell. Despite the difficult economic situation in Berlin after its reunification, Feuerherdt GmbH remained true to its location in Berlin. We will continue to manufacture in Berlin and to sell our products through our internationally active Sales Team. We have remained loyal to Berlin.

The human factor is particularly important for our company. Outstandingly qualified and highly motivated colleagues – whom we recruit from Berlin and its surrounding areas – assure top quality of our products. In addition, Feuerherdt GmbH collaborates closely with Berlin universities – particularly the Chair for High-Frequency Technology at Berlin Technical University, and the Berlin College of Applied Science. This enables our company to introduce students to our various business units at an early stage of their education, and to integrate them into our activities. The great readiness of collaboration of these universities and their professors enables us to support students in this way.


“Made in Germany” stands for top product quality – and “Made in Berlin” expresses our loyalty to our city and to a location in which our company enjoys outstanding potential for further development.



Die Feuerherdt GmbH is a company that promotes Germany as a manufacturing location by not shifting production to cheap-labour countries. This means securing the future of jobs in our company. We at Feuerherdt GmbH feel that it is absolutely essential to give Germany a perspective, to assume responsibility for our staff, and to give the young generation a future.